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Like vitamins essential fatty acids cannot be synthhesised by the body and are an essential nutrient your body needs to function.
  • Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) is an omega 6 essential fatty acid, our bodies use in the production of prostaglandins, which control the way we feel and the health of every cell.
  • GLA is used by many women to maintain a sense of well-being throughout their monthly cycle.
Who can benefit from from a Gamma-Linolenic Acid supplement?
  • PMS De-Stressor
Those monthly hormonal swings can disrupt GLA production. Studies suggest 480 to 960 mg of GLA every day - that's two to four grams of borage oil - can offer relief from those irritating symptoms (such as cramps, breast tenderness, water retention and irritability) and give hormonal production support.

  • Want relief from arthritic pain
Studies have found the effective dosages are required in the range of 1.4 to 2.8 grams of GLA per day - the equivalentof 6 to 11 grams of borage oil daily.

  • Anyone whose lifestyle factors
Include excess saturated fats in the diet, ongoing high stress level, alcohol consumption and smoking because these all affect the GLA metabolism, leading to the need for dietary supplementation.

  • Cholesterol Reducer
A reduction in PGE1 wreaks havoc on cholesterol levels. Taking 250 to 1000 mg of GLA daily has been shown to increase PGE1 levels while reducing cholesterol.

  • Cancer Fighter
In one study, terminally ill patients suffering from pancreatic cancer tripled their life expectancy after taking extensive doses of GLA. It is also believed that tumor growth and metastasis can be quelled with GLA-especially in melanoma and colon or breast cancer.

GLA must be used long-term to achieve maximum benefits. For example, many arthritis patients report that their joints feel looser after 6 weeks of supplementation - yet they continue to improve for many months when they continue supplementation.

GLA is not only the gatekeeper to our health, but to our appearance as well. It actually increases cell resilience and moistens the fatty layer beneath the skin, delivering a multitude of beautifying benefits such as:

  • producing a dewy complexion
  • aiding collagen loss
  • soothing dry, scaly skin
  • combating wrinkles
  • nourishing straw-like hair
  • strengthening brittle nails
  • helping to prevent dandruff promoter, beautifier, hormone balancer. 

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